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Compression Bras.
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Many  customers  after  any  kind  of  breast  surgery  wonder  whether  they  should  opt  for  a  Post  Operative  bra  or  compression  bra.  With  our  Amoena  range  at  Femmeline,  here  are  some  reasons  why?  you  should.  If  unsure  it  is  best  to  ask  your  surgeon  what  they  would  choose  for  your  best  post operative  results.

The  Three  Reasons  to  try  a  Post  Op  bra. 

1.     Seamless  design  without  troublesome  seams,  which  supports  the  healing  process  without  further  irritating  the  skin.

2.   Specially  knitted  technology  that  apply  targeted  pressure,  encouraging  lymphatic  drainage  and  minimising  the  risk. of  post- operative  oedema.

3.    Varying  pressure  levels  for  use  after  different  surgical  methods  to  suit  the  patients  individual  needs  and  requirements .

There  are  three  levels  of  Compression.

Light  Compression

A  special  compression  zone  supports  the  breast  without  applying  pressure  to  its  entire  surface.

Specific  pressure  zones  apply  light  pressure  to  the  side  and  back  sections  to  encourage  lymphatic drainage  and  support  the  healing  process.

Medium  Compression 

Keeps  the  breast  supported  and  secure  with  specific  compression  zones  in  the  lower  cup  area.

Specific  pressure  zones  apply  moderate  pressure  to  the  side  and  back  sections  to. encourage  lymphatic  drainage  and  support  the  healing  process.

High  Compression 

Keeps  the  breast  supported  and  secured  by  applying pressure  to  the  entire  breast  surface.

High  compression  levels  and  specially  knitted  panels  promote  optimal  lymphatic  drainage.


Hopefully  this  will  help  you  decide  what  kind  of  compression  bra  best  suits  you.

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