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Buy Comfortable & Supportive Lymphedema Bras in Australia

For those who experience lymphedema affecting the breast, it’s worth investing in lymphedema bras that compress the area and provide relief from symptoms. At Femmeline, we stock a range of bras for lymphedema to help manage the condition, enabling you to find a bra that provides comfort and support rather than exacerbating symptoms. Browse our range today to find quality made lymphedema bras in a range of sizes, including plus size options.

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a condition that causes swelling of tissue. It mainly affects the arms and legs, but it can also affect other areas such as the breast and neck. Lymphedema is caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system, with this blockage resulting in an accumulation of fluid that causes swelling and discomfort. This can occur after certain cancer treatments such as mastectomy, lumpectomy and radiation therapy.

Common symptoms of lymphedema include swelling, pain and feelings of heaviness, fullness or discomfort. While there is currently no cure for lymphedema, it can be managed with compression garments worn in the affected area, such as lymphedema compression bras for lymphedema affecting the breast.

What Are Lymphedema Compression Bras?

Lymphedema bras are designed for women who experience lymph congestion in the breast area. These bras feature special fabric that promotes blood circulation while having a massaging effect, helping to stimulate lymph drainage. The material used also helps to wick sweat away from the skin.
At Femmeline, we stock bras for lymphedema in a range of sizes, styles and colours, with options that are comfortable and easy to wear while also being durable. Our range makes it easy to find the right bra that allows for unparalleled comfort and improved lymph flow.

How Can Lymphedema Bras Help?

Lymphedema bras help by providing compression and support to the breasts. Made from soft material that’s elastic and flexible, lymphedema compression bras conform to the breasts without pressing too tightly, ensuring they don’t irritate sensitive skin. This compression helps to stimulate lymph drainage, which facilitates better lymph flow to reduce the swelling and discomfort that’s experienced. They also provide greater comfort compared to typical bras that can have bands or underwire that uncomfortably press into the lymph vessels and lymph nodes, which can hamper drainage and cause pain and irritation.

Find the Perfect Lymphedema Bra Today at Femmeline

At Femmeline, we’re proud to stock a great range of lymphedema bras that provide compression and support for women experiencing lymphedema in the breast. Explore our range online today to find suitable options that are designed for ultimate comfort, or drop into our Croydon store to view our range in person and benefit from the friendly assistance of our staff. We’ll be happy to advise you on which bras for lymphedema are suitable for you, helping you to find the perfect fit. Can’t make it in-store? You can also contact us for friendly advice and assistance before placing your order online for delivery across Australia.

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