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Buy Underwire Bras Online or In-Store

Find the best range of underwire bras for sale at Femmeline – a leading stockist of comfortable and affordable bras in Australia. We offer a fantastic selection of underwire bras online and in-store, including strapless underwire bras, push-up underwire bras, padded or non-padded underwire bras, sports underwire bras and more. Available in a wide range of sizes, including plus size options, you’re sure to find an underwire bra that fits perfectly while providing the support you need. Shop online or in-store today to discover our complete range of underwire bras in Australia.

What Are Underwire Bras?

An underwire bra is a type of bra that includes an underwire in its construction. Underwires are thin, semi-circle shaped strips of metal that are used in the base of bra cups to provide additional support. Bra underwires can also sometimes be made from plastic or resin. Regardless of the material of the underwire, underwire bras have the underwire sewn into the bra fabric under each cup, running from the centre gore (the bridge between cups) to the armpit area.

Explore Our Range of Underwire Bras for Sale

Our range of underwire bras for sale includes an impressive variety of different bras types and styles, making it easy to find a bra you’ll love. Shop our range to discover:

Padded Underwire Bras

Padded underwire bras include padding in each cup that provides additional support and lift. We stock padded options with different padding levels to make it easy to find a padded underwire bra that’s right for you.

Non-Padded Underwire Bras

Prefer to buy a bra with no padding? Femmeline can provide you with a comfortable non-padded underwire bra that provides optimal support without the extra lift.

Sports Underwire Bras

If you frequently participate in sports or exercise, you’ll know how important it is to wear the right bra. We offer sports underwire bras for sale that deliver both comfort and support in spades, allowing you to move freely while still feeling completely supported.

Strapless Underwire Bras

Strapless bras are ideal for wearing with strapless dresses and tops, ensuring no straps will spoil your look. We stock strapless underwire bras that are perfect for any outfit.

Plunge Underwire Bras

Our plunge underwire bras are suitable for pairing with low-cut dresses and tops, allowing you to show cleavage while still feeling comfortable and supported.

Push-Up Underwire Bras

A push-up underwire bra pushes the breasts together and upward, helping to create more cleavage. Femmeline has a range of push-up underwire bras that can help you achieve the perfect level of enhancement.

Buy Underwire Bras in Australia Today from Femmeline

Don’t look past Femmeline next time you’re looking for underwire bras online or in-store. Our store in Croydon is conveniently located and staffed by knowledgeable and experienced fitters, while our online store allows you to buy underwire bras Australia wide. Shop with us today to find the underwire bra you need.

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